Many of my projects and contributions to major open-source projects are on Github. To see a complete list of my projects, see my Linkedin profile and Github. Below, is a list of some of my selected projects.
  • Maintainer and major contributer of Zulip-Desktop
  • Zulip is a chat for distributed teams
  • Zulip combines the immediacy of real-time chat with an email threading model.
  • Zulip desktop client is built on electron for all operating systems
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  • A Linux kernel module for trackpad/mouse gestures
  • Open configured applications on by gestures on the laptop trackpad
  • Works as a device driver, so supported across different linux distributions
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  • Web application that generates the outfit of the person and suggests where to buy that outfit, and it’s other details.
  • Picture of the dress is generated using pre-trained PixelDT GAN
  • Created a database of Amazon products for training a matching network
  • Transfer learning of a model based on facenet on the above dataset to predict matching products
  • Worked accepted in NCVPRIPG 2019
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  • A pipeline for a folder of pictures to establishe kinship among the persons present in those pictures and generate family tree
  • A hybrid siamese model based on Facenet is fine-tuned on Families in the Wild dataset to predict relationship directions and type
  • Relationship types are used with graph algorithms like MST as edge weights to answer kinship queries and family tree structure
  • A command line tool on the web
  • Support for various terminal based commands on a website
  • Held capture the flag events on the platform - IIT Mandi CTF
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